Auto Care- Auto Wash Advanced – Concentrated Auto Shampoo

Auto Wash
Auto Wash

Cleans and Beautifies all types of automobiles. International formula with Color protectants and Silicone conditioners. Leaves polish and wax intact. Gentle on hands.

  • Effectively cleans and beautifies automobile surfaces.
  • Removes surface dirt, grease and dust.
  • Keeps the colour, wax and polish intact.
  • Does not leave any streaks
  • Safe & Gentle
  • Concentrated. 250 ml can wash up to 50 cars and around 80 to 100 bikes.
  • Low cost per use. Costs less than Rs.2 to wash a car and less than Re.1 to wash a bike.

For use on two/three/four wheelers. Can be used on all surfaces including tyres, bumpers, beadings and windshields.
Can also be used on painted, metallic surfaces.


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